Introducing the Alumni Portal...

In the golf industry, it is not only what you know but who you know.

That's why the Professional Golfers Career College is excited to announce the launch of our Alumni Portal website. This site provides PCCC alumni a forum to network with fellow graduates located at top-tier golf companies and championship courses across the country (and beyond). From picking up a tee time to sharing exclusive career opportunities, PGCC's Alumni Portal is the golf industry's best social network to launch your career.

Alumni Profiles

Create a personalized profile, update your information, upload photos, and join a network of PGCC graduates reaching across the globe.

Employment Opportunities

Explore a diverse database of job postings across multiple job boards to help locate available positions in the golf industry, get resume help, and share exclusive career opportunities among fellow alumni.

Alumni Search & Directory

Browse the Alumni Directory by graduation year or campus and pick up a tee-time with graduates in your area.


Alumni Spotlight

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Ryan Ripa

GTG Golf

Ryan Ripa graduated from PGCC Hilton Head in December of 2010, which means that in less than two years he went from student to co-founder of GTG Golf, a leading web based event management and real-time scoring system designed for the everyman; in other words, it is designed for you and me…and Jim Furyk...